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After months of experimenting with the art of perfumery, we are bringing our craftsmanship to create our very own Eau de Parfum collection. Each scent carries a strong personality, yet evokes the best sophistication side of you.

Our silver chrome vessels are timeless and versatile. It’s surely something you’ll add to your vanity table.

reviving memories

Once an ancient day necessity, now a modern-day luxury. At Scents of Memento, we are ready to revive your fondest memories with our hand-poured Memento candles made by the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world.

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our story

Established in 2019, Scents of Memento was founded on the principles of reviving memories through the sense of smell.

For your

room & linen

Discover our hand-blended room & linen sprays with a fine mist and loaded with your favorite scents that linger around you. A few generous spritzes are the way to go. 

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