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our story


Established in 2019, Scents of Memento, a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based fragrance company, was founded on the principles of reviving memories through the sense of smell.

Our scents are created based on three main criteria which are, telling the stories, evoking emotions, and reviving your fondest memories, which makes creating each scented good a significance to us.


We started off making scented candles which we adore for the longest time. Each scent was crafted and named to what most people are able to relate to, and having common memories of when they smell our candles.

The passion for scents doesn't stop us just yet. After months and years of studying the profile of fragrances, we then launched our Room & Linen Sprays. In April 2021, we have finally announced our latest venture into the world of perfumery, we proudly present our perfume collection, Eau de Parfum by Scents of Memento.

We never stop flaunting our love towards the brand and are always excited to explore and develop more scents for our customers.

Our vision is to grow Scents of Memento to the most impactful and memorable fragrance company in Malaysia that will revive everyone's fondest memories, simply through the power of scents. 

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