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odyssey discovery set is back!

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a symphony

of emotions

011 bittersweet & strange

Introducing Bittersweet & Strange, a fragrance that intertwines the essence of bitter orange, oolong tea, and angelica to create a symphony of emotions. This olfactory journey captures the spirit of past and present love, embracing the enduring traces of memories, including the sweet embrace of self-love.



010 lost in 1930s

Opulent and potent. This oriental fragrance presents an intense yet poetic journey of nostalgic fantasies. Imagine being transported back to the glorious 30s in Shanghai’s most blossomed dance halls and cabarets. A sumptuous blend of jasmine, patchouli, and tuberose adds a sense of romance to the heart. It is all about that jazz. 

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After months of experimenting with the art of perfumery, we are bringing our craftsmanship to create our very own Eau de Parfum collection. Each scent carries a strong personality, yet evokes the best-sophisticated side of you.

Our newly designed bottles are inspired by our dome-shaped fragrance island, as well as the round knob on the glass cloche, we want to incorporate the ideas and items we see in our shop every day into our latest perfume bottle design, and finally, the perfect mementos for you and everyone.

reviving memories

Once an ancient day necessity, now a modern-day luxury. At Scents of Memento, we are ready to revive your fondest memories with our hand-poured Memento candles made by the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world.

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our story

Established in 2019, Scents of Memento was founded on the principles of reviving memories through the sense of smell.

our first shop

We have finally opened our first brick-and-mortar at Rivercity, Kuala Lumpur, where customers can finally experience all the scents we have in store.

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bespoke perfume workshop

Explore over 100 exquisite handpicked fragrance oils imported from France and create your one-of-a-kind bespoke Eau de Parfum, step-by-step.

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