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009 Midnight Sunrise

  • 230G | Musky and alluring. At that moment between wakefulness and sleep, you feel a sense of clarity come over you as you breathe in the crisp air filled with aromatic lemon and woodsy cypress while taking a late-night stroll on a silent misty street.


    Soy and beeswax blend with a wooden wick, our 230G Bougie Parfumée comes in a beautiful silver vessel with a metal lid.


    All orders are beautifully packed in our signature black box with a silver ribbon. 

  • Top Notes:

    Cypress, Lemon, Mandarin Orange


    Middle Notes:

    Cedar, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood


    Base Notes:

    Amber, Brazilian Rosewood, Cotton Candy, Spices, White Musk

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